Visual Studio Web Tests and OAuth: Taming the elusive Access Token

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Visual Studio Web Tests offer an excellent way to validate that your application’s endpoints (typically API calls) are performing the way you’d expect. They also offer a quick way to simulate “typical user” scenarios which can be integrated into Load Tests against your application. However, any application that requires a user to log in (usually with a […]

RavenDB Management Studio queries lock up with “This is taking longer than usual” on Chrome

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While running queries via the RavenDB Management Studio web interface, we kept seeing “This is taking longer than usual” pop-ups. Once we received this pop-up, no other actions were possible and the Management Studio interface never recovered. The only solution was to reload the page. Oddly enough at first, the issue was only observed in […]

Script Bundling doesn’t work for SignalR Release Candidates

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With SignalR now available as a Release Candidate from Microsoft, we found that our script bundling no longer worked.  Our BundleConfig contained a statement to register the bundle and include the version-based file. bundles.Add(new ScriptBundle(“~/bundles/signalr”).Include(             “~/Scripts/jquery.signalR-{version}.js”)); Once upgrading from 0.5.3 to 1.0.0-rc2 via NuGet, the bundle request returned an empty […]