Zoom lever on Microsoft Wireless Comfort Keyboard 4000 scrolls in Firefox

I got a new Microsoft Wireless Comfort Keyboard 4000 today and found that the little zoom lever to the left of the qwerty keys caused Firefox to scroll (and backwards, even). There are plenty of articles out there on switching the lever to scroll instead of zoom, but I just wanted to fix the Zoom lever so that it zooms in Firefox. To do so, open your commands.xml file (usually located in C:Program FilesMicrosoft IntelliType Pro) and search for “MozillaUIWindowClass”.

You should see two lines for for C319 and C320 immediately following the MozillaUIWindowClass line. Replace those two lines with:
<C319 Type=”5″ KeySeq=”ctrl add” />
<C320 Type=”5″ KeySeq=”ctrl subtract” />

The reference to “1.5” in the AppName property of can be safely ignore. I tested this fix with Firefox 3.0.4 and IntelliType Pro 6.2.

Restart your itype.exe process or just log out and back in/restart your PC. The Zoom lever should work in Firefox now.