Trying out ANTS Profiler 4

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I got an email that ANTS Profile 4 was released, so I downloaded my upgrade and poked around with it this weekend. I haven’t given a good look at the new features list, but the performance improvements are very apparent when profiling. There is still some degradation of your app performance when profiling, but nothing […]

Google Chrome

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Like every other nerd out there, I tried out Google Chrome last night. The first issue I got bludgeoned with is how many ads are on the internet. Not having Adblock Plus in Chrome (or some comparable ad blocking plug-in) means browsing the web SUCKS. The second issue is how Chrome sucks at password management. […]

Hyper-V and widescreen

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The multimedia performance issues in my previous post about Hyper-V performance turned out to be a display driver issue. With my deal-breaking “must be able to watch Burn Notice” requirement now met, I poked around with Hyper-V some more last night. The Hyper-V Manager interface is rather sexy, absolutely a winner compared to VMware Server’s […]

Hyper-V is definitely NOT for workstations

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EDIT: The multimedia performance problems described below turned out to be a display driver issue with nvidia having some kind of conflict with Hyper-V. Downgrading to Windows XP drivers cured this for me. Also, the very minimal performance testing I did previously (start-up time of a Windows XP VM in Hyper-V) was a bit apples-to-oranges […]


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Been cranking on a new project. A coworker asked if I had SharedView when we were doing some knowledge transfer. I’d never heard of it but downloaded it and finally got a chance to try it out last night and it is AWESOME. If you regularly get calls from relatives that start off “I’m on […]