Google Chrome

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Like every other nerd out there, I tried out Google Chrome last night. The first issue I got bludgeoned with is how many ads are on the internet. Not having Adblock Plus in Chrome (or some comparable ad blocking plug-in) means browsing the web SUCKS. The second issue is how Chrome sucks at password management. […]

Hyper-V and widescreen

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The multimedia performance issues in my previous post about Hyper-V performance turned out to be a display driver issue. With my deal-breaking “must be able to watch Burn Notice” requirement now met, I poked around with Hyper-V some more last night. The Hyper-V Manager interface is rather sexy, absolutely a winner compared to VMware Server’s […]

Hyper-V is definitely NOT for workstations

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EDIT: The multimedia performance problems described below turned out to be a display driver issue with nvidia having some kind of conflict with Hyper-V. Downgrading to Windows XP drivers cured this for me. Also, the very minimal performance testing I did previously (start-up time of a Windows XP VM in Hyper-V) was a bit apples-to-oranges […]


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Been cranking on a new project. A coworker asked if I had SharedView when we were doing some knowledge transfer. I’d never heard of it but downloaded it and finally got a chance to try it out last night and it is AWESOME. If you regularly get calls from relatives that start off “I’m on […]

Internet Service Bus

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While TechEd is right in my backyard this year, being self-employed means no sugar-daddy to foot the bill for me to go. Instead, I’ve been doing the poor-man’s TechEd, where I nag my friends who could afford to go for daily updates and I watch the web sessions online. One piece that caught my fancy […]


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I’ve been playing around with the Live Mesh technical preview for a few weeks now. Once I found this way todisable UAC prompting without disabling UAC, I was able to install and use Mesh. So far there’s not much more to Live Mesh than file sharing and remote control, which makes it a bit of […]

Pivot queries

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I stumbled across the PIVOT keyword while poking through the dynamic management tables in SQL trying to track down some sproc recompiles. Pivots are great for denormalizing data for easy reporting. OLTP schema is great for quick insert/update/deletes but piecing data together into something useful can be a pain. A simple budget table that tracks […]

DTS to SSIS migration

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I’ve been working the past few weekends on migrating DTS packages off our dying, 8-year old SQL2000 server over to new SSIS packages. The performance is markedly improved, often over 50% faster with SSIS for a single datapump task. The DTS-to-SSIS migration wizard is also working remarkably better than I expected, even for some of […]

More ANTS Profiler

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My pleas were answered (thanks!) and I now have a Pro version of ANTS Profiler. I have mostly focused on memory usage over the last week trying to track down issues for our client. When the app started up, there was a long delay before we got UI-responsiveness. I figured this was just overhead from […]