Quick Launch keyboard shortcuts

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I was trying to use a keyboard shortcut I set up for Windows Key + ` and accidentally fat-fingered the 1 instead. To my bewilderment Visual Studio launched. I hit it again and got another instance of VS. Windows+2 launched VMware and Windows+3 launched SQL Management Studio. After bumbling around for a bit, I realized […]

Product Pimping (and pleading)

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A while back, I got the opportunity to test out Hyperbac, a backup solution for SQL Server. I love pimping Hyperbac because it is dirt-cheap and has seamless integration with SQL 2005. Most third-party backup products required using extended stored procs to do backups, which killed my ability to use SQL 2005’s vastly improved maintenance […]

It got better

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We’ve been running automated deployments for about 4 weeks now and they’ve greatly reduced the amount of time we spend pushing code out for testing. Powershell turned out to be a bit more of a pain-in-the-asslearning curve than I expected. Discovering Scott Guthrie’s blog post about app_offline.htm simplified another issue of ours, maintenance pages during […]

Codecamp and Linq

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Went to the Orlando Code Camp yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable and informative the sessions were. It’s always a little humbling to see all the technologies you’re not familiar with and realize you haven’t even scratched the surface of being an “expert”. 😉 The most interesting (and most crowded) seminars were definitely […]

XML Namespaces

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Martin Honnen is my hero for solving my XML namespace issue in my config file updater utility. We’re getting close to closing the automation loop now. Developers can check their changes into their dev branches and we automatically kick off an integration build for one of those branches. Once the developers merge down into trunk, […]

Automating deployment

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One problem with having lots of n-tier apps is deployment changes. For our environment, it means that a change to a single common assembly might be deployed to 4 different websites, remoting servicehosts, and any other places referenced. Keeping it all straight is a manual, error-prone process. We’ve been testing TFS Deployer as a means […]

Fixed build step deletions

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I tried increasing the duration I run my “delete extraneous build steps” job and found that deleting the steps during particularly large project builds (such as web deployment projects) can cause the build to abort. I updated the query to only delete the build steps once the build is finished and that seems to have […]

Team Building shelvesets

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With our smaller development team, we decided to try and minimize the number of branches we use to simplify our merge/release process. One drawback we ran into is how to handle pushing out an emergency fix when we’ve already got changes being tested by QA in trunk (our integration branch, for all intents and purposes). […]

Trimming TFS database size

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Our TfsVersionControl database was at nearly 20 gigs when I started digging into why some source control actions were so slow. While 20 gigs is relatively small in terms of enterprise databases, it’s huge for our small source tree. Simple tasks like getting latest on a branch had a noticeable 5-30 second spin-up time while […]