Support multiple tenants in a single Application Insights instance

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As Appli­ca­tion Insights con­tin­ues to evolve, the abil­i­ty to slice and dice your data also con­tin­ues to increase. With an eye toward microser­vices, Microsoft recent­ly made added sup­port for mul­ti-com­po­­nent appli­ca­tions to Appli­ca­tion Insights that allow you to aggre­gate all of your com­po­nents' teleme­try, but still fil­ter by indi­vid­ual ser­vices via the cloud ser­vice role name. […]

Secure Web API with Azure AD and Azure API Management

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I was recent­ly try­ing to get an Azure AD-secured Web API work­ing with API Man­age­ment. The best doc­u­men­ta­tion I could find was cre­at­ed sev­er­al years ago using the old Azure Por­tal and API Man­age­ment Pub­lish­er Por­tal. I decid­ed post an updat­ed ver­sion using as much of the new Azure por­tal as pos­si­ble. The video cov­ers cre­at­ing a […]

Visual Studio Web Tests and OAuth: Taming the elusive Access Token

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Visu­al Stu­dio Web Tests offer an excel­lent way to val­i­date that your application's end­points (typ­i­cal­ly API calls) are per­form­ing the way you'd expect. They also offer a quick way to sim­u­late "typ­i­cal user" sce­nar­ios which can be inte­grat­ed into Load Tests against your appli­ca­tion. How­ev­er, any appli­ca­tion that requires a user to log in (usu­al­ly with a […]

Automate the sending of VSTS Release Summary emails

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Release Sum­ma­ry emails are a great way to share details about a release, includ­ing which envi­ron­ments with sta­tus, relat­ed work items, and relat­ed bugs. While view­ing a release's details, click on the Send Email but­ton to send out a Release Sum­ma­ry. No option exists in VSTS (yet) to auto­mat­i­cal­ly send a Release Sum­ma­ry email, so […]

Can't add Text (multiple line) custom fields to Test Cases in VSTS

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While import­ing Test Cas­es into VSTS from anoth­er test man­age­ment sys­tem for a cus­tomer, I need­ed to add a mul­ti-line text field to Test Cas­es. VSTS has sup­port­ed adding cus­tom mul­ti-line text fields for almost a year now and this seems to work for every Work Item Type except Test Cas­es. When attempt­ing to add […]

RavenDB Management Studio queries lock up with "This is taking longer than usual" on Chrome

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While run­ning queries via the RavenDB Man­age­ment Stu­dio web inter­face, we kept see­ing "This is tak­ing longer than usu­al" pop-ups. Once we received this pop-up, no oth­er actions were pos­si­ble and the Man­age­ment Stu­dio inter­face nev­er recov­ered. The only solu­tion was to reload the page. Odd­ly enough at first, the issue was only observed in […]

Three Must-Have Traits for Agile Team Members

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Dur­ing our most recent Agile Orlan­do Lean Lunch meet­up, one inter­est­ing top­ic we dis­cussed was what ide­al traits a recruiter should be look­ing for to vet whether can­di­dates are good fits in an Agile envi­ron­ment and cul­ture. This nat­u­ral­ly evolved into a dis­cus­sion of com­mon char­ac­ter­is­tics we'd observed in suc­cess­ful team mem­bers on Agile projects. […]