Codecamp and Linq

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Went to the Orlan­do Code Camp yes­ter­day and was pleas­ant­ly sur­prised by how enjoy­able and infor­ma­tive the ses­sions were. It's always a lit­tle hum­bling to see all the tech­nolo­gies you're not famil­iar with and real­ize you haven't even scratched the sur­face of being an "expert". 😉 The most inter­est­ing (and most crowd­ed) sem­i­nars were definitely […]

XML Namespaces

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Mar­tin Hon­nen is my hero for solv­ing my XML name­space issue in my con­fig file updater util­i­ty. We're get­ting close to clos­ing the automa­tion loop now. Devel­op­ers can check their changes into their dev branch­es and we auto­mat­i­cal­ly kick off an inte­gra­tion build for one of those branch­es. Once the devel­op­ers merge down into trunk, […]

Automating deployment

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One prob­lem with hav­ing lots of n-tier apps is deploy­ment changes. For our envi­ron­ment, it means that a change to a sin­gle com­mon assem­bly might be deployed to 4 dif­fer­ent web­sites, remot­ing ser­vice­hosts, and any oth­er places ref­er­enced. Keep­ing it all straight is a man­u­al, error-prone process. We've been test­ing TFS Deploy­er as a means […]

Fixed build step deletions

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I tried increas­ing the dura­tion I run my "delete extra­ne­ous build steps" job and found that delet­ing the steps dur­ing par­tic­u­lar­ly large project builds (such as web deploy­ment projects) can cause the build to abort. I updat­ed the query to only delete the build steps once the build is fin­ished and that seems to have […]

Stopping excessive build steps in TFS 2008

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EDIT: Updat­ed the query below to only delete the steps of fin­ished builds. Delet­ing steps while the build is in progress can cause the build to abort. Since upgrad­ing to TFS 2008, we've had two extreme­ly annoy­ing sources of pain: the amount of msbuild out­put that goes into the BuildLog.txt the exces­sive num­ber of build steps generated […]

Team Building shelvesets

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With our small­er devel­op­ment team, we decid­ed to try and min­i­mize the num­ber of branch­es we use to sim­pli­fy our merge/release process. One draw­back we ran into is how to han­dle push­ing out an emer­gency fix when we've already got changes being test­ed by QA in trunk (our inte­gra­tion branch, for all intents and purposes). […]

Trimming TFS database size

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Our TfsVer­sion­Con­trol data­base was at near­ly 20 gigs when I start­ed dig­ging into why some source con­trol actions were so slow. While 20 gigs is rel­a­tive­ly small in terms of enter­prise data­bas­es, it's huge for our small source tree. Sim­ple tasks like get­ting lat­est on a branch had a notice­able 5-30 sec­ond spin-up time while […]

Error 32000 - tfsdb.exe /showui:590116

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Our upgrade from TFS 2005 to TFS 2008 took about 2 weeks from con­cep­tion to com­ple­tion. Sur­pris­ing­ly, most of this time was spent try­ing to get a new VM set up to mir­ror our exist­ing TFS 2005 envi­ron­ment. VMware's snap­shots are a life­saver, and made the process so much eas­i­er. We sim­ply rolled back over […]

Another one

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In an effort to keep the remain­ing friends I have on LJ, I've decid­ed to start post­ing my work expe­ri­ences in a sep­a­rate blog. We recent­ly had a pret­ty nasty shake-up (or lay-offs, or "trim­ming the fat", or "right-siz­ing") at my com­pa­ny (lost about 60% of IT) and as a result, I found myself unexpectedly […]