Hyper-V is definitely NOT for workstations

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EDIT: The mul­ti­me­dia per­for­mance prob­lems described below turned out to be a dis­play dri­ver issue with nvidia hav­ing some kind of con­flict with Hyper-V. Down­grad­ing to Win­dows XP dri­vers cured this for me. Also, the very min­i­mal per­for­mance test­ing I did pre­vi­ous­ly (start-up time of a Win­dows XP VM in Hyper-V) was a bit apples-to-oranges as […]


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Been crank­ing on a new project. A cowork­er asked if I had Shared­View when we were doing some knowl­edge trans­fer. I'd nev­er heard of it but down­loaded it and final­ly got a chance to try it out last night and it is AWESOME. If you reg­u­lar­ly get calls from rel­a­tives that start off "I'm on […]