Hyper-V and widescreen

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The mul­ti­me­dia per­for­mance issues in my pre­vi­ous post about Hyper-V per­for­mance turned out to be a dis­play dri­ver issue. With my deal-break­ing "must be able to watch Burn Notice" require­ment now met, I poked around with Hyper-V some more last night. The Hyper-V Man­ag­er inter­face is rather sexy, absolute­ly a win­ner com­pared to VMware Server's web-based atroc­i­ty and more than one snap­shot is a bonus. How­ev­er I still don't see much ben­e­fit to using it over VMware Work­sta­tion for a devel­op­ment work­sta­tion, oth­er than the fact that it's free.

Both per­form well, both have good snap­shot tree man­age­ment, both sup­port VLANs ("Team net­works" in VMware). Biggest frus­tra­tion now with Hyper-V (oth­er than not being able to con­nect to wire­less NIC) is the lack of sup­port for widescreen res­o­lu­tions on the con­sole ses­sions. With all the win­dow dec­o­ra­tions, taskbar, sta­tus bar, tool­bar, etc. tak­ing up so much space, not hav­ing widescreen means I'm stuck at 800x600 for all my Hyper-V VMs. 1024x768 if I don't mind turn­ing off the tool­bar and hid­ing some of the sta­tus­bar behind the win­dows taskbar. VMware Work­sta­tion has very nice resiz­ing func­tion­al­i­ty that allows you to just expand the win­dow to what­ev­er width you want and the desk­top will resize to that resolution.

This may seem like a fea­ture that's only a both­er for IT peo­ple try­ing to use Hyper-V as a work­sta­tion solu­tion, but I imag­ine it has to be a bit of a pain in the ass for admin­is­tra­tors run­ning Hyper-V Man­ag­er from their work­sta­tion with widescreen monitors.

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  1. @Greg: I didn't men­tion in this post, but if you click the "pre­vi­ous post" link toward the top of this entry, you'll see I've already tried all the var­i­ous workarounds (bridg­ing, ICS, etc) and had no luck with it. While some­times I was able to get net­work con­nec­tiv­i­ty for the VMs, it invari­ably broke oth­er func­tion­al­i­ty (domain authen­ti­ca­tion, group pol­i­cy updat­ing, ker­beros, etc). I'd rather just have wire­less support.

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