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Like every oth­er nerd out there, I tried out Google Chrome last night.

The first issue I got blud­geoned with is how many ads are on the inter­net. Not hav­ing Adblock Plus in Chrome (or some com­pa­ra­ble ad block­ing plug-in) means brows­ing the web SUCKS.

The sec­ond issue is how Chrome sucks at pass­word man­age­ment. It import­ed my saved pass­word list from FF3 eas­i­ly enough and I can see them in Chrome's pass­word list now, but it does not auto-pop­u­late most of the web­sites I vis­it (like blog­ger, for exam­ple), so I have to go lookup the user­name and pass­word for each site each time I vis­it. Since I make up ran­dom pass­words for every web­site and then prompt­ly for­get them after reg­is­ter­ing, this is an epic fail of Chrome for me.

Beyond that, per­for­mance was notice­ably fast com­pared to FF3. Refresh­ing the pages side-by-side in both browsers, FF3 is still zip­py but Chrome is def­i­nite­ly faster for the pages I vis­it at least. It seems pret­ty light on mem­o­ry, but I nev­er noticed any issues with FF3 in that depart­ment. The "new tab" page with thumb­nails, recent book­marks, etc. is nice.

I LOVE that Chrome actu­al­ly lis­tens to me when I choose "always open files of this type" after down­load­ing some­thing, where as Fire­fox just presents me with the "Open­ing file" dia­log with the "Do this auto­mat­i­cal­ly" check box already checked for me, but will still not open it until I click "OK".

Were it not for the punch-the-mon­key ban­ners and the pass­word man­ag­er fail­ures, I'd prob­a­bly give Chrome a shot as my default brows­er for a few weeks.

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