Trying out ANTS Profiler 4

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I got an email that ANTS Pro­file 4 was released, so I down­loaded my upgrade and poked around with it this week­end. I haven't giv­en a good look at the new fea­tures list, but the per­for­mance improve­ments are very appar­ent when pro­fil­ing. There is still some degra­da­tion of your app per­for­mance when pro­fil­ing, but noth­ing at all like it used to be. I no longer feel like I'm suf­fer­ing through hor­ri­ble per­for­mance for the sake of find­ing my issue.

The oth­er big-mon­ey change is nice calltree/methodgraph with the shiny "Call Graph" that brings you right to the line of code in the Line-Lev­el Tim­ings view. I love inter­ac­tive + pret­ty! Native sup­port to export to PDF and PNG too. This is either a new fea­ture or some­thing that's just been made much more dis­cov­er­able, because I would have killed to have this in 3.x when debug­ging mem­o­ry issues.

It's very much worth dol­ing out dol­lars for.

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