Windows 7 Wake From Sleep issue and workaround

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Play­ing with Win­dows 7 the last few weeks, I've found that my lap­top refused to wake from sleep. The dis­play alter­nat­ed between not even pow­er­ing back on and pow­er­ing on but remain­ing black with a non-respon­sive mouse cur­sor. The only way to recov­er was to hard-pow­er Lap­py off and back on. This seems espe­cial­ly preva­lent on Intel 945 chipset displays.

The only workaround I've found for now is to turn off sleep­ing com­plete­ly and instead use hiber­nate. I've had no prob­lems pow­er­ing back on from hiber­nate so far, it only takes about 20 sec­onds to do with Win­dows 7 on my sys­tem, and doesn't drain your bat­tery like sleep does.

The updat­ed Intel 945 dri­ver released today through Win­dows Update did not fix Wake From Sleep yet. Hope­ful­ly it's an issue that will be addressed before RTM.

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  1. Well on my desk­top I had a sim­i­lar issue wak­ing up from sleep. I would instead just get a blank screen. I could hear that the com­put­er is on but the mon­i­tor was blank. I did have graph­ic card issues from the ini­tial install so I thought that might be the prob­lem, but it wasn't.

    Instead maybe you should try dis­abling the 'wake on lan' fea­ture for you net­work card. That seemed to do the trick for me.

    Just go to the Device Man­ag­er, Net­work Adapters, Prop­er­ties, and uncheck 'Allow this device to wake the computer'.

  2. Elvin, my issued turned out to be a bug they resolved in lat­er builds (worked start­ing with 7057, I believe). RTM doesn't have the issue at all any­more either, with or with­out WoL enabled.

    Thanks for the tip though, that will be anoth­er trou­bleshoot­ing step for future sleep issues!

  3. a1smith, that was bril­liant, thanks! 

    I did not have to dis­able the var­i­ous wake on lan fea­tures, just the last one hav­ing to do with the Real­tek net­work adapter slow­ing down after wak­ing from sleep. There were three options: slow down to 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps or do not slow down (the actu­al options were list­ed in Ger­man). Choos­ing the 3rd option solved the problem.

    Couldn't be hap­pi­er, thx again!

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