Windows 7 and Win2k8 power management issues

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More recent builds of Win­dows 7 have resolved the sleep issue on Lap­py. We've also thrown 7 on the Media PC down­stairs. The eye can­dy looks very crisp on a nice large TV. Bun­dled codecs meant we did not need to down­load K-Lite to watch any of our ripped AVI files. It also detect­ed our wire­less mouse's media keys out-of-the-box and is able to wake up from sleep when when push one, some­thing we were miss­ing before. Media Cen­ter can FINALLY use the time­line to move to a spe­cif­ic spot in AVI files that don't con­tain an index track. This always stopped us from using Media Cen­ter over Win­dows Explorer/WMP. The fea­ture changes from Vista are small and sub­tle, but cou­pled with the per­for­mance enhance­ments, there's enough to war­rant an upgrade from Vista.

With Lap­py and Media PC sleep issues resolved, I noticed my main Win2k8 devel­op­ment box was no longer sleep­ing, heat­ing up the office con­sid­er­ably at night. It turns out installing the Hyper-V role dis­ables pow­er man­age­ment com­plete­ly, the two are absolute­ly incom­pat­i­ble. While try­ing to switch back over to Vir­tu­al PC, I found per­for­mance of be hor­ri­ble. The install of Vista under VPC was stuck in the same spot for an hour and a half. Even with all of the Hyper-V ser­vices stopped, your par­ent par­ti­tion is still vir­tu­al­ized under the hyper­vi­sor. After remov­ing the Hyper-V role and reboot­ing, VPC flew. Win2k8 was sound asleep and the office nice and cool when I walked in this morning.

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