Windows 7 Homegroup issue finding the homegroup

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Win­dows 7 Home­group does not play nice with bridged adapters. If you are bridg­ing your wired NIC to a wire­less NIC (in our case, for the Xbox to talk to our wire­less net­work), you can start a Home­group and oth­ers will be able to see it but they will encounter errors try­ing to join it. Like­wise, if some­one else has cre­at­ed the Home­group, you will see it but not be able to join it from the bridged PC. Tak­ing both adapters off of the bridge and then delet­ing the Net­work Bridge adapter resolved the issue for me.

That said, Home­group is SIMPLE and it WORKS. If we want to watch a show on our office com­put­ers but the file is down­stairs on the TV pc, we can just browse to the file in our Home­group and watch it. The peo­ple who say it's just as easy to set up SMB shares haven't gone through the painful process of walk­ing Mom & Pop through shar­ing each folder/setting permissions/creating user accounts/opening fire­wall ports.

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