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The next phase of the project I'm on will like­ly move us from .NET Remot­ing to WCF ser­vices. I want­ed to get a quick intro­duc­tion to WCF beyond the basic user-group ses­sions I found online. I even­tu­al­ly noticed that that as a BizS­park start-up, I had a code for a free month of access to Pluralsight's on-demand train­ing library among my list­ed MSDN benefits. 

I signed up and start­ed on their very in-depth 15-hour course on the fun­da­men­tals of WCF. So far, these cours­es are fan­tas­tic and if the rest of their library is of the same cal­iber, this seems like a gold­mine of use­ful infor­ma­tion. In the first two hours alone, most of the ques­tions I had on what we'd need to do to drop WCF in to replace .NET Remot­ing have been answered. The ques­tions that have come up while watch­ing (can I keep my exist­ing domain objects?) or spots where I thought the code was slop­py (why is the chan­nel being closed before the async call com­pletes?) were addressed and were part of the curriculum.

The only down­side is the cost is too high for me ($500/yr to stream the con­tent, $1000/yr if you want to down­load). If you can get your com­pa­ny to spring for a sub­scrip­tion though, Pluralsight's much cheap­er (and much more valu­able and less incon­ve­nient, in my opin­ion) than a 5-day class­room train­ing session.

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