RavenDB Management Studio queries lock up with "This is taking longer than usual" on Chrome

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While run­ning queries via the RavenDB Man­age­ment Stu­dio web inter­face, we kept see­ing "This is tak­ing longer than usu­al" pop-ups.

raven-taking-longer-popup Once we received this pop-up, no oth­er actions were pos­si­ble and the Man­age­ment Stu­dio inter­face nev­er recov­ered. The only solu­tion was to reload the page. Odd­ly enough at first, the issue was only observed in Chrome. Nei­ther Fire­fox nor Edge exhib­it­ed the same behav­ior. As we dug in more, we found that scrolling through the results, which loads results asyn­chro­nous­ly as you scroll, seemed to trig­ger the behavior.

After some tri­al and error, we found that Chrome's Smooth Scrolling fea­ture seems to be the cul­prit. Dis­abling Smooth Scrolling in chrome://flags and relaunch­ing Chrome has resolved the issue for us. If you're see­ing this pop-up repeat­ed­ly while scrolling through Raven Mgmt Stu­dio query results in Chrome, try dis­abling Smooth Scrolling.

All bet­ter? Still see­ing the issue? Let us know in the com­ments below.

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