Can't add Text (multiple line) custom fields to Test Cases in VSTS

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field-type-ddlWhile import­ing Test Cas­es into VSTS from anoth­er test man­age­ment sys­tem for a cus­tomer, I need­ed to add a mul­ti-line text field to Test Cas­es. VSTS has sup­port­ed adding cus­tom mul­ti-line text fields for almost a year now and this seems to work for every Work Item Type except Test Cas­es. When attempt­ing to add the field, Text (mul­ti­ple line) is not present in the Types drop down list.

add-existing-field Accord­ing to Microsoft, this seems to be a bug and there should not be any rea­son to block adding a mul­ti-line text field to Test Cas­es. As a workaround, you can tem­porar­i­ly add a new mul­ti-line text field to anoth­er Work Item Type and then add the exist­ing field to the Test Case work item type.

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